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June 17 – August 28, 2016

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg
Adapted by Sandra Eskin & Michael J. Bobbitt 

Directed by Serge Seiden

When Judy and Peter find a mysterious old board game, they play it, hoping to alleviate their boredom. One live lion, an erupting volcano, and a dozen destructive monkeys later, the children are no longer bored. Will they ever finish this mysterious magic game and claim Jumanji?

Jumanji: Project

"This production is completely absorbing...And every time Elan Zafir, as the Guide, opens his mouth and says his lines, the audience laughs. It’s a given. He’s that good."

April Forrer — MD Theatre Guide

"But the character who had me actually LOL-ing was The Guide. Played by Elan Zafir, he’s like an awkward Indiana Jones meets J. Peterman from Seinfeld — in the most hilarious way possible."

Kid Friendly DC

"The game soon turns up a jungle guide, played by the wildly energetic and hysterical Elan Zafir...The cast does a fantastic job creating and maintaining the level of intensity required for this show to work."

Kendall Mostafavi — DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Elan Zafir is unfailingly hilarious as the Guide who can’t quite guide the siblings out of the mess they’ve created... makes the most of every entrance."

Jill Kyle Keith — DC Theatre Scene

“...Enchanted by the guide…They need his help, but he is not helpful at all and that’s hysterical... he’s the clown of the show for me… and I think he’ll be the kids’ and the adults’ favorite.”

Sharon Allen Gilder — Kids Corner

Jumanji: Reviews
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